Welcome to Money like a local! I’m so excited you’re here 🙂 

about me

My name is Andreea and I started Money like a local on Instagram as I felt there is a need for internationals in Denmark to have easier access to financial knowledge. But just to be clear, I am not a certified financial advisor. In Denmark, you kinda’ have to be an institution and employ people educated in finance, to be able to give financial advice. And that’s not me. But I’m also not trying to tell you what to invest in or when to invest. Instead, I want to give you the knowledge you need to make informed financial decisions. Knowledge that’s not otherwise so commonly found in English.

So where does this passion come from? I am 100% self-taught and everything started back in 2018 when a former manager of mine started talking to be about investment strategies. I was 22, studying Digital concept development and to be honest, I didn’t even know what a stock is. Where do you even buy that? Of course I would never have asked that, so I just listened interested. Luckily, it so happened that my then-manager added me to a Facebook group for women who invest in Denmark. All content was in Danish, but I could speak to some extent at the time, and I could understand a lot. I followed that Facebook group religiously, all while simultaneously looking up different terms on google.

I started listening to podcasts and reading books on finance. In 2019 I opened a Nordnet account and in 2020 I started investing. I also bought my first house in 2020 together with my husband. We were both students at the time.

Houses. I love real estate, but that’s a passion I can’t quite point out the origin of. At this point, it has become a sport for me to look up house prices and data.

My goal is early retirement and financial independence. And I hope I can also inspire you to learn about money so you can make the best financial decisions for yourself – even while you’re living in a foreign country.