How to create a budget

How to create a budget

A quick guide on how to budget to track, manage and save money – including two FREE templates so you can get started asap.

If you are familiar with my “How to set your child up for financial success” guide, this one will be a bit different. While that guide focused on rules, laws, and stuff that all (international) parents in Denmark should know, this guide is a bit more.. personal. It includes our family’s approach to budgeting and private finance as well as templates that I created to track expenses and purchases.

As always, this guide is FREE, because I believe everyone should have access to financial knowledge. If you want to support my work with, you can do so through the link below.

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How to create a budget

How to create a budget

Download my budgeting guide, including two FREE templates to get started asap. In the guide you’ll also read about our approach to private finance and what we learned that works for us.

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